largest Slovak producer of transformer stations

About us

ELEKTRO-HARAMIA company has its domicile at county Záhorie, approximately 20 km northwest from Bratislava.

Company has been successfully operating in the Slovak market for more than twenty years and its main production programme is production, assembly and sale of compact iron-concrete transformer substations for needs of Slovak energy companies, as well as other civic customers not only in Slovakia, but also in Czech Republic. Till now the company has realized more than 4000 projects.

Transformer substations are made in concord with STN 62 721-202 and are type-tested (including tests for electric arc effects, Classes IAC-A and IAC-B). Besides this commodity ELEKTRO-HARAMIA company is able to realize HV and LV electricity connectors including complex electrical installations up to 22kV. Important part of production range are modular HV switchgears 24kV type SM-6 within the licence of French electrical giant SCHNEIDER Electric, as well as LV switchgears up to 1000V for industrial or civic usage.

Company is a holder of Quality Certificate STN EN ISO 9001:2008 for many years and its main goal is to provide complex projects and services in a highest professional quality. As we try that also civic customer could enjoy the same top-quality and technical level that is used when providing big capital projects of Slovak energy companies, we offer the above-standard 5 years warranty for all produced transformer substations and 3 years warranty for technological accessories.

Company also offers continuous 24/7 warranty and after-warranty service in Slovakia and Czech Republic. Its management is focused on permanent improvement of produced transformer substations and on updating of production programme based on customers´ requirements. We apply the principle that technical solution and realization are adjusted according to projects designers and customers to reach the highest possible technical and economic advantage of each and every produced transformer substation.

CNC punching of sheet metals
We offer free capacity for machining of sheet metals at TRUMPF cutting and press-brakes. We will make an offer with compelling prices and short delivery dates upon your request.
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According to STN EN 62 271 – 202 (Section 6.1 Letter g/) all transformers are subject of evaluation of electric arc effects caused by internal error of level IAC – A B. More »