largest Slovak producer of transformer stations


The main program of our company is production, assembling and sale of transformer substations, HV and LV connectors and electroinstallation works up to 22kV.

Other parts of the program are plastic and steel-ironplated box measure and regulation switchgears, as well as wall switchgears according to project documentation.

Company products follow all up-to-date specifications of STN and they are attested by Technical Testing Institute of Engineering and National Testing Institute SKTC-105.

Serviceable from the interior

Serviceable from the exterior

Atypical solutions

Own production

Setting of transformers

For every transformer substation it is necessary to dig a ditch in the ground with the size that corresponds to the outer dimensions of the substation and that also follows the projected outer earthing system.


CNC punching of sheet metals
We offer free capacity for machining of sheet metals at TRUMPF cutting and press-brakes. We will make an offer with compelling prices and short delivery dates upon your request.
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New opportunities for development of photovoltaic-solar-sun parks.  More »
Our production system enables us to use particular basic types of construction bodies as a base for creating bigger joint constructions, that can be used as industrial transformers, switchgears etc.  More »
Certificate is issued for production of compact transformer substations. But also for planning, production, assembly, maintenance, technical inspections and tests of electrical appliances with no voltage limit. More »
According to STN EN 62 271 – 202 (Section 6.1 Letter g/) all transformers are subject of evaluation of electric arc effects caused by internal error of level IAC – A B. More »