largest Slovak producer of transformer stations

Biogas plants (BP)

The increasing price of natural gas and raw-oil on the world market caused authorities to look for other, alternative sources of energy.

In last few years becomes more and more popular a well-known and tested technology of producing electricity and heat – using of biogas, even it is not so widely used in Slovakia. This method uses biogas from agricultural waste, but also from the green grown mass. The whole process of producing biogas takes place in fermentation tanks in biogas plants, produced medium is then used for combined production of electricity and heat in so-called cogeneration units.

We delivered first transformer substations for technological unit of biogas plants for domestic market on the edge of years 2008/2009. In the following period of time realizations in this production segment continu-
ed gradually, but the level of demand did not reach the one we were experiencing with photovoltaic transformer substations. Till the middle of 2011 we realized a few dozens of Bp´s for domestic and foreign investors (mostly from Czech Republic and Austria). As in the case of photovoltaic power plants, with every realized and delivered plant we gained new, valuable experience and can offer this experience to every other person potentially interested in alternative sources of energy.
We offer:
  • advice service during the proposal of energetic conception of investment program (within newly-built or reconstructed unit)
  • proposal and delivering of project documentation for the actual transformer, created according the chosen concept of the investor (for the building permission and also for the realization itself)
  • delivering of the transformer substation in a ready-to use condition, including the assembling of related technological units (from different suppliers) into the building shell, transport of finished product and its emplacement where required
  • processing of documentation related to the project (if required by customer, processing of all necessary administration related to the actual start-up of a transformer substation)
  • warranty and after-warranty 24/7 service
CNC punching of sheet metals
We offer free capacity for machining of sheet metals at TRUMPF cutting and press-brakes. We will make an offer with compelling prices and short delivery dates upon your request.
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