largest Slovak producer of transformer stations


Our ow planning department firmly fills up the list of services offered by Elektro-Haramia company to its customers.

Besides the HQ in Lozorno we are able to offer planning services – together with technical advisement – also in our branches in Banska Bystrica and in Kosice.

Our planners-electrospecialists posses authorisation certificates issued by Slovak Chamber of Building Engineers, they have long-lasting experience with planning process and are also able to provide full engineering service from the initial idea through getting a building permit, planning work to realization and delivering of the transformer substation in a ready-to--use condition.
CNC punching of sheet metals
We offer free capacity for machining of sheet metals at TRUMPF cutting and press-brakes. We will make an offer with compelling prices and short delivery dates upon your request.
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New opportunities for development of photovoltaic-solar-sun parks.  More »
Our production system enables us to use particular basic types of construction bodies as a base for creating bigger joint constructions, that can be used as industrial transformers, switchgears etc.  More »
Certificate is issued for production of compact transformer substations. But also for planning, production, assembly, maintenance, technical inspections and tests of electrical appliances with no voltage limit. More »
According to STN EN 62 271 – 202 (Section 6.1 Letter g/) all transformers are subject of evaluation of electric arc effects caused by internal error of level IAC – A B. More »